Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What's happening to our Prospective Prime Ministers???

One politician who could surely be called Prime Minister material and whom India has today lost is Pramod Mahajan.

Pramod Mahajan is one of the few politicians I look upon to. Be it his charisma or his tech savviness, Pramod Mahajan has always been a leader of today's youth. He was to BJP a ray of hope. An excellent fund raiser. A dynamic organizer. To India he could have been a good Prime Minister. And to Atal Bihari Vajpayee, he was 'Lakshman'. His loss surely leaves a void which cannot be filled very easily. He did to BJP what Rajiv Gandhi did to Congress. But, both of them failed to live to see their dreams get executed.

Now, this brings us to an issue which deserves a lot of consideration. India has off-late lost a number of politicians who could be considered prospective Prime Ministers. And this phenomenon is not confined to either the BJP or the Congress alone. Both of them have been on the losing end.

Let me begin with Rajiv Gandhi. I would have surely voted for him, had I been able to when he was alive. The dynamism and charisma which he carried can be found in very few other leaders. Consider an India with him as the Prime Minister, for say one tenure at least. May be, this is why he was assassinated.

Next, I would like to focus upon two leaders who were contemporaries of Rajiv Gandhi. Rajesh Pilot and Madhavrao Scindia.

Both Rajesh Pilot and Madhavrao Scindia were very high profile and had a decent probability of being Prime Ministers. Had even one of them been alive, the country would'nt have had to face the threat of having an Italian as a Prime Minister. But both of them died in bizarre accidents. Bizarre because, no one could conclusively say what happened or why it so happened.

Now, can you strike the commonality in these tragic deaths. If I was reading Sidney Sheldons with twisty CIA plots aimed at killing leaders of Communist countries I would have jumped to this conclusion. Some foreign entity may want to deprive India of good leaders. Well, its for you to decide.

Are we cursed or is the curse being inflicted upon us......

Friday, March 10, 2006

KERALA TRIP - "Jobless at 'Cumuli'"

wat do u do when ur jobless and have no place to go...sit at a browsing centre and do junk

well...thats wat i am doin right now at a place called cumuli which is some 4 kms from thekkady...a supposedly good holiday spot in kerala...gotta lok at the place to get it confirmed

we guys r supposed to be on a trip which has been mimicked as Industrial who would be on an industy visiting trip to Munnar and Thekkady

neways...this place has all the characteristics of a typical keralite town...a bhagavathi temple...speakers blasting with religious songs...k...thats something u wud find everywhere

then...u hv nair tea..whch we jus drank without even brushing our teeth...if u can find that also in another place..then lemme get to things u cant find anywhere else

cheap autos...yes thats something whcih u can get only in friend's like he's paid only 20 bucks for a 10 km chance of doin that in madras or for that matter anywhere else

and yes...keralite babes..saw only 3 since i reached here...but they got their own standards which u must learn to appreciate

neways...ll get back later with more abt this trip...this is jus the beginning and theres more to come

qquest -- my first paper presentation

i have heard of a saying which says something like 'with sacrifice comes success'.Well, saw a live example yesterday. Me and Kumaran have been waiting for about an year to get a place to present our paper titled 'Value Based Approach to Identify Quality Bottlenecks'.And we finally got a chance at QQuest. That's a symposium on Quality conducted by the TVS Group in collaboration with Anna University.

And guess what..we got the second prize. We were pretty good when compared to the junk which was presented out there. Rather, second is disappointing..we could have done with a first. thats success..but whats the sacrifice. Well the sacrifice is that we missed a day of our Industrial Visit(IV). All our classmates left a day earlier and we stayed back for this event. Not that we repent, as all of them as far as i know hv got loads of screwings from the staff who accompanied them for not arranging poper industries to visit.

And if u r wondering what an IV is...its a synonymn for a trip. We are supposed to be visiting industries at different places and enrich our knowledge..but what actually takes place is a trip with one or two industries mostly fake which may or may not be visited.

neways..we jus gonna leave for this trip to join them for the better part of the trip...thats to thekkady

ll get back with more

Saturday, January 28, 2006

the last minute prep

when i was a fresher many of my seniors used to tell me tht,

during the first sem u start studyin a wk in advance of the exam
for the 2nd sem u start studyin 3 days before
a day before for the 3 rd yr
and on the last day for the last yr my case it jus got a lil worse today...had design of algorithms assmt today..and came to know abt it only some 2 hrs before the exam

got up at abt 7.30 this morn and called up kumaran to ask him whether he was gonna attend coll today...i dint feel like attending at all and needed company to cut

but the answer i got was a real shock...he told me tht v got an exam at 10.30...i dint believe him a bit...needed confirmations frm some 5 ppl to convince me to start studyin

2 hrs flat...not tht i made very efficient use of my time...still this was enuf...and the exam was real good

kum for sure dosent know a line of c++ code but is expecting in 40's for a 50 mark tht is wat u call to dominate

the best thing which is worth mentionin today was tht kicha's started standing on his own legs and is now contributing more than wat he takes from the group...he wrote the paper almost on his own...the kid's slowly growin up i guess

p.s:kicha i hope u dont read this....if u do am sure its coz of kumaran


saw rang de basanti on the first day of release....first time am doin 'a first day' for a hindi movie after comin to chennai

its actually not an out n out aamir movie...all the characters hv an equal role..i would say Sid has a better role than aamir...more of a directors movie i guess

On the whole the movie's real good...its even worth watching a second time..the 'josh' i got after the movie was real high...felt like doin something to change India...or atleast somethin to 'vichu' our beloved VC...lets not spk abt that now...coz of tht ba$%&*d am not even allowed to enter the hostels

comin back to the movie...our 'chocolate boy' has a very small role but one that is very typical of him...he came...he got engaged...he died

sid's the akshay khanna of dch...the serious guy of the group...but he looks too young for the role

aamir is a typical go lucky character...he woos 'SU' the foreign entry real grt...and su is jus superb

i found the first half a lil borin...the scene where the defence minister is compared to general dyer is real corny

its surely one of the best movies i hv seen in the recent past.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

creativity meets reality

well...was out at coffee day a few days before...goin the hookah way...was kinda cool lettin out smoke like an engine

but one thing missing was tobacco...tht flavors not me and kumaran came up with this contraption(kumaran's word) for this device goes to reynolds,aquafina,some local pen maker and zippo..our source of fire

our indigenous hookah surely shows our engineering skills at its epitome...cud receive a patent at some point..hehe

nways wat it shows is how jobless anna univ engrs are...and how constructively we use ur knowledge

the pic down here is our hookah...

Thursday, January 05, 2006

hey everybody

am Karthik doin my Industrial Engg in College of Engg, Guindy...

and this evidently is my first blog...jus got into this after i saw the whole world doin this...i sure as hell dunno wat to do..but am u cud expect a lil better posts from now on

if neone who knows me is wondering wat made this guy sit on the comp and type all this...its coz offlate i hv been reading a few well maintained blogs...they had many poems and all where my literary interest surely does not lie

and those of u who were so jobless to read this till here...i seriously admire ur patience and wanna know who u pls be a lil more patient to chip in a comment